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This is how easy it is to sell your note.

Step 1: Enter Your Contact Information

Enter your contact info HERE or CALL our toll-free phone number to speak to a Client Relations Manager directly.

Step 2: We Call You

We will call you. Once you speak to one of our friendly Client Relations Managers, they will ask you some basic questions regarding the Note, Property, and Payor.  Questions like: When did you sell the property? How much did you sell it for? How much did the Payor put as a down payment? What is the interest rate? 

Step 3: Speak With Investment Specialist

After our Client Relations Manager collects all of the required information, he or she will schedule a Telephone Consultation with one of our Investment Specialists who can answer all of your specific questions and possibly give you a few different purchase options right over the phone. Also, whether you decide to move forward with the purchase or not, you will receive an email with a minimum of 2 to 3 different purchase options that are based on the information you provided.

Step 4: Give Us Some Basic Information

After you email or fax us the Note Purchase Agreement and all of the closing documents and corresponding information like the Note, Deed of Trust or Mortgage (Land Contact or Contract for Deed), Payment History, Proof of Insurance, etc.  Then we will immediately start processing your file. (In most cases, many Noteholders don’t have every single document that we’d like to see… that’s OK. Just send us what you have, and we’ll work with you to get your note purchased)

Step 5: Get Paid Cash!

We will then check the payors credit, pay for an appraisal or broker’s price opinion (BPO), review the title history, correct any issues with title, and verify the documents that you provided are true and correct, and then we will mail you a Cashier's Check or wire the funds directly into your bank account. We will pay for ALL closing costs.  And we never charge Broker Fees. We have a pool of millions of dollars that needs to be spent every single month!


We offer several different purchase options and can work with you to create the ideal purchase for your note and mortgage! 
Full Purchases

We can purchase your entire interest in the note. This is the most usual method of note purchasing.  We will purchase your entire note balance and pay you one lump sum at closing.
Partial Purchases

Only looking to raise a partial amount of your note value?  We can purchase a specified number of future payments due to you for a specified lump sum payment to you.  The loan could then revert back to you after we collect the specified number of payments you sold or we can offer a 2nd lump sum if prefer to get cash rather than payments of your note back.  You get the cash you need now and still have a future value!  

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